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I do this in remembrance of my son Johnathan Donnell aka "DonDon". DonDon was only 14 years old when he lost his life to suicide. I wanted to make others aware that suicide has no age, color, nor gender. We never know what a person is dealing with, but as the bible reads "Love conquers all"' #WEDOTHIS4DONDON NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION is L.O.V.E. (Letting Our Voices Encourage).

We are here to love and make others aware of suicide and the pain it passes on. Join us in bringing suicide to the light!!!

Tanya Benton, from 
Tulsa, Oklahoma. 
I became a member of #WEDOTHIS4DONDON  non-profit organization because he is my grandson.  This is the first time anything like this has happened in my family.  That hit HARD!  I want to be able to stop another teen from taking their lives.  I'm willing to do whatever I can to make sure this doesn't happen again to a family member or friend.
Michael Bush, from
North Little Rock, Arkansas.
I joined #WEDOTHIS4DONDON non-profit organization because Don Don is my nephew.  Don Don was a good kid with a great future ahead of him.  We can't keep losing our youth to the streets and death.  Being a part of #WEDOTHIS4DONDON non-profit organization will give me the opportunity to mentor to youth and support the organization's mission and vision.  #WEDOTHIS4DONDON non-profit organization has love and passion to steer those thinking of suicide in the right direction to get help.  I am a part of #WEDOTHIS4DONDON non-profit organization because the organization care and I care!!
Bernadette Ford,
from Fort Worth, Texas  
I became a member of  #WEDOTHIS4DONDON  non-profit organization because Don Don is my great nephew and it hurt my heart that he never talked to me about how he was feeling. So I wanted to be a part of an organization the reaches out to help in prevention of suicide and to bring awareness of suicide in our Teens, our Elderly as well as to people who llive an alternative lifestyle in various communities, through my talents.  I am the current Web and Social Media Coordinator as well as a Board Member.
 Denise Greenlee, 
from North Little Rock, Arkansas.   
I decided to be apart of the #WEDOTHIS4DONDON  non-profit organization because it hit home. Don Don was my grandson and suicide showed real in our family. It is a hurting process that I don't want anyone to do to themselves or their families. So let's try to reach out to as many people as we can to let them know that choice is not the answer.
Keisha Webb,
from Little Rock, Arkansas
I joined #WEDOTHIS4DOND Non-Profit organization, because he mattered.  I loved Don Don like he was family.  He had a strong impact on everyone, and the purpose for this organization represents his life.  So I support this organization to the fullest.  #WEDOTHIS4DONDON
Keanna Benton
Executive Secretary,
from Little Rock, Arkansas
lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma 
I became a member of #WEDOTHIS4DONDON non-profit organization because I care and DonDon is my nephew and I don't want anyone else  to lose their lives to suicide.  DonDon's passing touched many of us.  Although, I could not save my nephew, I want to have the chance to save others as well as my son that had a brotherly relationship with DonDon.  Losing a loved one is hard, but helping others ease the pain.  #WEDOTHIS4DONDON allows me to help bring awareness to suicide.
Latrina Lewis, Treasurer, 
from Little Rock, Arkansas
I was honored when asked to be a part of #WEDOTHIS4DONDON non-profit organization, because Larrissa is a good friend of mine. 
I have 3 teens and fostered 2 children myself.  The things children go through is unimaginable, what Larrissa went through was unimaginable.  Being a part of #WEDOTHIS4DONDON non-profit organization would give me a chance to help others as well as my children.  #WEDOTHIS4DONDON non-profit organization could also help us spread information on how others can get help.  I am happy to be a part of this organization to help others be aware of suicide and the hurt that goes along with it.  #WEDOTHISDORDONDON
Shantel Thompson, 
Events Coordinator 
from Little Rock, Arkansas 
I became a member of #WEDOTHIS4DONDON  non-profit organization because Don Don is my little brother.  I want to encourage and instill in anyone that I encounter that their life matter.  Most importantly I want to motivate one to love themselves because you must first love yourself before you can not only receive love, but to give genuine love also.
 #WEDOTHIS4DONDON allows me to L.O.V.E. (Letting Our Voices Encourage).
Brittany Pree,
Events Coordinator,
from Little Rock, Arkansas
When I was asked to be a part of #WEDOTHIS4DONDON non-profit organization, I was excited to join such an organization with a purpose.  I met Larrissa and she is an awesome woman who lost her son, but somehow remained  strong for herself and family.  Larrissa decided to let his tragedy be an open door for others struggling with suicide so their voice could be heard.  Larrisa is very inspiring and I'm so happy to be a part of an organization that wants to help save lives, after losing her own child to suicide.
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