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To make others aware of suicide in the young community

To listen, make aware, and direct those that need help

To help find a healthy way of escape


To learn how to cope with hurt that cause the hurt

To provide a place to express without being judged

To save ALL the DonDon’s one child at a time 

#WEDOTHIS4DONDON, is a Non-profit Organization that started in 2017 when the founder, Larrissa Thompson lost her 14 year old son to suicide.  No one could have imagined the pain he may have been going through losing his father at the age of 4 years old.  No one could have imagined that not having certain family in your life could affect young children today.  At 14 years old, we wouldn’t think a child with the potential to be someone, with the means some children don’t have access to at the age of 14 years old would be suffering from depression.  Suicide never crossed his mother's mind until it was too late. 


#WEDOTHIS4DONDON, a Non-profit Organization is here to let people know that even though a child has all the material things in life, they could be missing one emotional need from others, such as love or just being able to be a part of a family member's life, could affect their life. 

#WEDOTHIS4DONDON, a Non-profit Organization is here to make others aware that suicide is real, neglect is real, and the pain is real.  Suicide not only kills the person, but it kills something on the inside of those left behind.

#WEDOTHIS4DONDON IS   L.O.V.E.   (Letting Our Voices Encourage)     

1 Corinthians 13:7-8



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